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Entrepreneurs are building business models to tackle our most pressing problems and turning to investors for support. Our group of investment funds are directed toward Canadian local and social ventures that generate a positive measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

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Dana and I invested in Rhiza because of its potent innovation for making equity investments in local businesses.
Bringing our money closer to home!
Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds CoFounder, CVR3 Investor

People are wondering, ‘How can I make a meaningful difference?’ Well, we can certainly do that with money. I was so excited when I heard about Rhiza Capital, I think you’re doing incredible work…. We’re in a time now when you can make money and do good. It’s not either/or.

Leesa McGregor , Author of A New Alphabet for Humanity, CVR3 Investor

Impact is part of everything we do. It’s in our core, it’s in our soul, it’s our company’s heartbeat. We’re so grateful to our investors, Rhiza included, for supporting us. They believe in our vision, in our team and ultimately they believe in our technology.

Nejeed Kassam, Keela Founder and CEO, Rhiza Investee

Elyse and the Rhiza team have been fantastic to work with.  Right from the introduction, they were patient and thorough in explaining how they see what it means to invest with impact.  I was drawn to the idea of investing in local BC companies with Rhiza and it was also important to me that they had earned their B corp status.  Lastly, the whole transaction was simple, quick and efficient.

Tammy Kyte, GiveClear Foundation Executive Director, CVR3 Investor

Working with Rhiza has been incredibly impactful for our organization. It has opened the door for us to understand how impact investing can contribute to a thriving local economy here in the Yukon. Brian and the Rhiza team are dedicated to supporting communities and organizations like ours in the shared goal of investing in local entrepreneurs and innovators who are making positive environmental and social change.

Lana Selbee, Yukonstruct Society Executive Director, Place-based Fund Partner